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Colin Shaddick

Colin Shaddick: Inclusifolk

Inclusifolk’ is a homespun, do-it-yourself personal record label promoting my own poetry and music creations. I aim to carve a non-fundamentalist path towards meeting my ideals. As the name suggests, it is an ‘inclusive’ artform and uses elements of the many folk music sub genres.
A few examples would be: Antifolk, Country, Rockabilly, Counterfolk, Skiffle, Urban folk, Folk metal, Dada blues, Progressive folk, Filk music, Folk punk, Psychobilly, Neo-folk, Folktronica, Nu-folk, Psych folk, Outsider folk, Traditional Folk etc.

‘Inclusifolk’ is a wild dog straining on a leash!

‘Inclusifolk’ poems, songs and performances are often risque, but even then, can demonstrate a cynical social awareness, much like the British working class humour of the Music Hall days.

Eccentric of the year Award 2009

Blimey! For some unknown reason, I’ve been shortlisted as one of nine candidates for the title of ‘Greatest British Eccentric’ of the Year Award, and I’m still scratching my head and wondering if this is a good thing or not?

As you all may know, on the 1st of April the Eccentric Club will revive yet another good tradition and hold it's First Annual 'Greatest British Eccentric' Award Ceremony.

The panel of judges is expected to include some of well known experts in eccentricology: they have invited Lyndon Yorke - a winner of The Great British Eccentric Award in 2001, Henry Hemming - a celebrated author of bestseller "In Search of the English Eccentric", Ben Le Vay - author of many works on eccentricity and eccentric guides to towns and cities across the UK.

To help them in their judgement, they will offer for their consideration results from two independent online polls - one held amongst general members of the public, and the other - consisting exclusively of the votes of the Eccentric Club members and candidates for the Club's membership.

3rd Greatest British Eccentric of the Year 2009!
Many thanks to all who voted for me. If you want a good chuckle, click the link
See Colin's certificate

Isn't Sex Noisy - a new book by Colin - ISBN 978-0-9546801-6-2 Colin Shaddick Original Plus 128 pages Paperback Signed copies £8.00
July 2008

Barnstaples splendidly eccentric poet and singer/songwriter finally unleashes his long awaited creative opus.

In his book, Isn't Sex Noisy, Colin Shaddick brings us a wide range of songs and poems (with tongue firmly lodged in his cheek) and presents this first collection of thirty-one songs, forty-four poems, seven haiku and a sample of his humorous illustrations, with a wry smile and a jaunty whistle of content.

All are sharply observed works that often reflect a difficult, but very interesting life. The voices that howl at us from the pages are full of passion and often laced with an extremely large spoonful of humour and wit.

People often ask me what inspires me. Well, I think it's the minutiae in life that attracts me. The odd things we all do, or experience: everyday mishaps that often get overlooked.

My good friend, Ken Sprague, well known as the Peoples Artist, always encouraged me to look at life from a different angle. Everyone is a special kind of artist,he would say. I owe a great deal to Ken.

I started taking my poetry more seriously about ten years ago, after I suddenly approached a few of life's more painful twists and turns; without brakes! I suppose I looked on writing as my safety valve: a productive way to keep my sanity and let-off some steam at the same time.

Song writing was something I thought I'd try too. The poetry and song writing seemed to walk hand-in-hand. My poems started to be published in small magazines, and out of the blue, BBC Radio 4 invited me on the Ramblings programme, with Clare Balding, featuring my haiku. Shortly after, two of my songs made it into the John Peel Festive Fifty Show, for two consecutive years.

Isn't Sex Noisy is a very playful and extremely well produced collection of work. It takes the reader on a virtual roller coaster ride from humour to pathos. A very enjoyable read.

'The Eccentric Club', London's famous haunt for the more 'challenging' artists in our midst, are promoting Colin's book in their 'Recommended Read' section of their website.


Uke Stanza and his alter ego, Colin Shaddick can be compared to the two sides of a coin: they’re quite different, and you never really know which one of them will turn up.
Uke Stanza is the playful singer/songwriter and Colin Shaddick, the rude rhymester and recitalist. Uke Stanza’s fleeting encounter with the UK music charts:

Reached No.24 in the Dandelion Radio, John Peel ‘Festive Fifty Chart’ in 2007, with the song, ‘The Picket Line’. Taken from his album: The Very Thin Line.

Reached No.50 in the Dandelion Radio, John Peel ‘Festive Fifty Chart’ in 2006, with the song, ‘You Will With Ivor Cutler’. Taken from his album: Pheasants Will Cross The Road.

"Colin's harmonica playing was smokin'." David Amram: composer-performer and friend of author Jack Kerouac.

For more information visit Colin's website

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