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Muzeltov (Klezmer Trio)

Muzeltov are a Klezmer style folk trio with Jack Maguire and Gillian Toliday (From Stromenti String Quartet) and Damian Maguire (Jazz/Latin specialist) on drums.

The style of Klezmer is from a musical tradition which parallels Hasadic and Ashkenazik Judaism. To accompany Circle Dancers this tradition of secular music was developed by musicians called kleyzmorim or kleyzmerim who draw on devotional traditions extending back to Biblical times.

Muzeltov are available for weddings, parties, special occasions and dances.


Jack Maguire - Co-leader of BSO & Violinist in Stromenti String Quartet has recently established the Coda Music Fiddle Orchestra in aid of young/under-privileged children.

Gillian Toliday - Professional Folk violinist (Tutor with CODA Music School, Christchurch) and also in Stromenti String Quartet

Damian Maguire - (BA Hons Performing Music & Business Undergraduate) - Jazz/Latin specialist with over 10 years professional experience including performing on Thompson Cruise, Caribbean and with the Karin Karian Quintet (Age 17).

For more information Tel - 07731 883478 or visit website and Stromenti String Quartet website

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