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Exeter Barnfield

Clifford Suite, Barnfield Theatre, Barnfield Road, Exeter, Devon EX1 1SN -
7.45pm - 11.00pm

"An opportunity for singers with instrumental or harmony accompaniment to display and improve their talents and abilities before an audience in an amplified theatre setting"

The idea was to book a regular venue which fits in well with the monthly Friday night folk circuit in the Exeter area. It is certainly not another folk club. The idea was to put together entertaining shows to an audience and provide a showcase for local talent.

All genres and audience welcome to an open music night in a theatre setting, with stage, lighting and full Bose P/A. Cafe and bar on site, free parking nearby. Usually around 50-70 people come
We charge a very modest £1.00 entry fee, which is also a raffle ticket. This is just to cover our costs.

For information telephone Jerry 01626772270 or 07596843373 or email or visit website or Facebook
1st Friday

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