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Steve and Andy form an extremely versatile duo with a unique approach to traditional and contemporary songs and tunes. From powerful, driving tunes to beautiful haunting songs from their native Devon and beyond performed on hurdy gurdy, cittern, guitar and bouzouki. They are also available for French dance. Andy is an experienced MC and they have a variety of workshops to offer which aim to be informative, fun and to inspire people to experiment at home with new and different approaches to their music.

works frequently with Katy Marchant (bagpipes/recorder/shawm/voice) either as a duo or with their bands Woodwose and medieval music ensemble Daughters of Elvin, and with Kent-based trio Angles. He has played hurdy gurdy with such diverse artists as Jackie Oates, Susan Stenger and John Roberts' Puppetcraft.
"Steve Tyler is blessed with virtuosic technique and imagination and is equally at home with early music, folk dance music and more modern styles" Paul James, Blowzabella.
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Andy has a repertoire of mainly traditional song from the British Isles including the South West of England. His reputation as a strong performer continues to grow with increasing appearances at folk festivals and folk clubs across England.

"An excellent singer and instrumentalist who performs with the skill and taste of a master craftsman." - Pete Coe
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Two musicians whose talents have long gone undersung. fRoots
Proper music with just the right amount of polish from a highly skilled duo. Living Tradition
This really is a very good album. R2 (four star review)
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